Wico joined Multiwave Technologies from Tesla Dynamic Coils, where he worked as an RF engineer since 2019. At Tesla Dynamic Coils, Mr Breimer specialized in the development of RF technology for high-field MR systems and hybrid MR systems. He was also involved in improving compliance with ICE and ISO standards as well as with the European medical device regulation. While at Tesla DC, he was a project leader on multiple projects.

Wico joined Multiwave to work on RF technology for ultra-low field MRI, while adhering to the company’s quality management system and supporting the Company’s actions toward regulatory approval.

Following a Bachelors degree in Physics at Leiden University in the Netherlands, Wico completed his Master’s degree in Physics in 2019 at Leiden, under the stewardship of Professor Andrew Webb. His work then focused on the feasibility of a low-field MRI system.