The first Wireless
Wearable MRI device

The WearMe™ technology is intended to translate our engineering efforts in coil design and metamaterial technology know-how into a new standard of care in MRI.

Our goal is to reduce the overall scan cycle time by at least 50% and make it easier for patients to sit through an exam.

When we designed WearMe™, patient comfort was front of mind. The result is the world’s first wireless, wearable MRI device. Reducing scan time and improving abdomen and pelvic diagnostics will help reduce waiting times and improve quality of care for patients and health systems. The technology was tested in a research environment on 3T MRI scanners. We plan to adapt the device to ultra-low field MRI at 0.05T. The device has not received regulatory approval in any market.


Funded by the French Public Development
Bank Deep Tech Programme.
Grant No. 3896491/1

WearMe is an ultra-thin (<2mm), flexible and wireless metamaterial blanket. The device weighs less than 200g and does not require any additional power source. It is placed between the patient and a receive array in order to remove transmit artefacts and improve signal to noise ratio. Evaluation in the pelvic region at 3T shows 50% increase in SNR allowing 25% increase in patient throughput with excellent image and diagnostic quality. The technology will be adapted to other organs and lower magnetic field strengths.