Panos is a tech entrepreneur with a background in economics and finance. Since he co-founded Multiwave Technologies AG in 2015, he has led efforts to raise more than $8.5 million in dilutive capital and $12m in non-dilutive capital to finance the company’s innovation pipeline. A consensus builder by nature, he has leveraged his chairmanship to drive Multiwave’s pivot from a metamaterial software company to a cutting-edge medical imaging innovator in the field of portable magnetic resonance imaging. He has been instrumental in securing partnerships with a series of academic institutions across Europe and the US, leading MRI original equipment manufacturers, UN agencies as well as managing in-bound and out-bound licensing deals with business partners.

Panos co-founded his first venture in the field of finance at the age of 22. At the age of 24, he started a 9-year journey as an economist at the World Trade Organization (WTO) where he focused on enhancing the standards of living of least-developed countries through trade-related assistance programs in partnership with other international institutions such as the World Bank, IMF, UNDP, among others. While at the WTO, Panos was also a director at the WTO Pension Fund.

He then worked for a leading FMCG company in London where he established the company’s international trade practice from 2010-2014 and was also investment director of the company’s pension fund ($3 billion assets under management).

Since 2015, Panos has leveraged his network in tech and venture capital to gather momentum in support of cutting-edge science, engages in training to help young deep-tech entrepreneurs and is opportunistically an angel investor.

Panos speaks French, English and Greek and is proficient in Spanish. He is a Greek, Canadian and Swiss national. He earned his BA and MA in Economics at McGill University and Concordia University, respectively. Panos played Varsity Tennis and Soccer at McGill in consecutive years between 1996 and 2000 and was vice-president of McGill’s entrepreneur’s club. Outside his business interests, he is a keen athlete taking place in tennis competitions in Switzerland and abroad.