Djamel joined Multiwave in 2017 to bring technologies from the numerical design to the prototype phase. Djamel works hand in hand with Multiwave’s research team to incorporate manufacturing constraints in the technology design phase.

Prior to Multiwave, Djamel worked as assistant research engineer at Institut Fresnel, a leading CNRS laboratory in Marseille specialising in electromagnetic and metamaterial applications, nanophotonics, signal processing and imaging applications. His work at Institut Fresnel focused on the development of a novel MRI antenna for use in ultra high field MRIs.

Djamel earned a degree in Electronics for Telecommunications from the Institute of Technology of Aix Marseille University (IUT) in 2016 as well as degree of superior technician in electronics in Marseille in 2013.

When he is not building our next ground-breaking technology, Djamel enjoys basketball, beach volleyball, diving and hiking.