Aris joined Multiwave as AI researcher in 2017. Previously, he was at Piraeus Bank, where he worked as a back-end developer, applying big data technologies to financial transaction processing, developing constrained optimization algorithms for asset management, and working on subsystem integration using micro-services and messaging middleware.

Prior to that, he worked with a leading cable network in Greece to develop software for automatic video classification, scene detection, content summarization, and news broadcast caption OCR, to be used for storing, tagging and retrieving videos from the network’s archives.

Aris has a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a PhD in Machine Learning from National Technical University of Athens. His work focused on applications of evolutionary algorithms to pattern recognition and multi-objective optimization problems.

His current research interests include using deep learning techniques for medical imaging applications.

Outside his interests in science, Aris is a professional classical guitarist and amateur piano player.