Amira heads Multiwave’s operations in our R&D facility in Marseille, France since 2024. She joined Multiwave in 2022 as an MRI and usability engineer after several years of experience as a clinical researcher and research engineer for various renowned institutions in France.

At Multiwave, she oversees all activities related to the development of our portable MRI scanner, including the implementation of our quality management system, and leads a team of dedicated researchers and engineers to develop and bring to market our portable MRI device. In her previous role she managed Multiwave’s technical documentation and usability studies for the portable MRI system, including records for quality management system and design of gradient and magnets for the system.

Prior to Multiwave Imaging, Amira worked as Research engineer at Institut Fresnel, a leading CNRS laboratory specialising in electromagnetic, metamaterial and imaging applications. Her work focused on RF shimming in Ultra-high field MRI and safety assessment of metallic implants in MRI acquisition. Amira has also worked as a Clinal Researcher in the Centre for Magnetic Resonance in Biology and Medicine, a co-funded CNRS and AMU research facility specialised in developing and applying preclinical and clinical MR methods. Her work focused on developing semi-supervised post-processing tools to optimise prognosis and diagnosis for healthy and pathological cases of central nervous, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal systems.

Amira obtained her Engineering Degree in Industrial Biology from the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology in Tunisia, in 2015 and her master’s degree in Cognitive and Integrative Neurosciences from Aix-Marseille University, in 2017. She then completed her Animal experimentation training in 2019.

Outside science, Amira enjoys travelling, video games and practices boxing and Aikido.