Location                               Marseille, France

Required degree                   For post-doc applicants: PhD

                                             For expert applicants: Engineering school or master degree

About employer                    Multiwave Technologies (MW) Multiwave | MRI for everyone, everywhere

Supervisors                          Dr. Antonakakis (MW) and Dr. Bendahan (CRMBM)

Context – The MRI4All Industrial Chair

MRI4All is a 2,9M€ Industrial Chair program co-funded by A*MIDEX foundation and Multiwave for 4-years (2024-2027). This industrial Chair involves two research laboratories, Institut Fresnel (Dr. Abdeddaim and Dr. Dubois) and CRMBM (Dr. Stellmann and Dr. Bendahan), and one medical imaging company, Multiwave Technologies (Dr. Antonakakis). These three organizations are located in Marseille, France. The general purpose of this Chair is to develop a new generation of innovative portable MRI scanners operating at ultra-low field and to pay a more particular attention neurological and MSK applications. The main scientific objective of the project covers hardware technologies, as well as MR data acquisition and reconstruction strategies. Clinical research activities will also be covered in the frame of this program.

As part of this industrial Chair WP2 (“Recherche et Développement IRM”), Multiwave Technologies is offering a post-doctoral position or expert (for engineer/master) position in the frame of a permanent contract (CDI-Contrat à Durée Indéterminée), in partnership with the CRMBM laboratory.

Job proposal

The job involves developing MRI sequences at ultra-low field for specific MSK applications. The candidate should have a PhD in physics or computer sciences or biomedical imaging and less than 5 years of post-doctoral experience. Candidates who graduated from engineering schools (or masters) are also eligible and may apply as expert applicants, if they can justify a professional experience in MRI instrumentation or MRI applications.

An MRI expertise in sequence construction and analysis is highly requested. The candidate should be fluent in scientific English and have good writing skills. He/She will have the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary environment so that communicative skills are crucial for this project. Good analytical capacities and a team-working attitude will be appreciated.

Please send the supporting documents listed in the M4A Guide for applicants (table 2) to Jonathan Bartoli jonathan@multiwave.fr(Multiwave Technologies).

To download the M4A Guide for applicants: https://files.multiwave.ch/f/e84d4845ce0e4902b190/?dl=1


Multiwave | MRI for everyone, everywhere

Multiwave Technologies (MW) was spun-off in 2016 by the Swiss deep-tech company Multiwave Technologies AG. At Multiwave, we understand the challenges faced by physicians in MRI. We use metamaterials to challenge conventional MRI physics by controlling wave propagation. While we are driven by better clinical outcomes, our devices improve the trade-off between scan time and image quality. Our core business is to develop and market MRI technologies using metamaterials. Since 2016, MW has participated in and led more than a dozen research projects in collaboration with academia for a variety of applications (radio frequency antennas, metamaterial pads, on-chip technologies, energy recovery, …). For the past two years, the company has been developing the tools and processes needed to produce ultra-low field (50mT) portable MRI scanners, with the aim of democratizing access to MRI for as many people as possible.

Academic partner

Center for Magnetic Resonance in Biology and Medicine – CRMBM – CEMEREM (univ-amu.fr)

Based at La Timone Hospital, the Center for Magnetic Resonance in Biology and Medicine conducts translational research by developing and applying MR methods and instruments (RM) to explore the morphology, metabolism and physiology of human diseases and associated animal models (rodents). With the support of methodological and engineering teams, our research teams aim at (i) better characterizing healthy and pathological states of the central nervous, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, (ii) proposing new diagnostic tools and (iii) assessing therapeutic strategies.

This position is co-funded in the frame of the A*MIDEX-Multiwave Technologies Industrial Chair. Développer une nouvelle génération d’appareils d’IRM | Aix-Marseille Université (univ-amu.fr)